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About Us

Najat Properties is a one-stop residential and commercial real estate company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We specialize in meeting highly specific requirements of quality conscious clientele seeking value, good service and transparent dealings.

We understand the property market and the dynamics of managing client expectations at different levels. Our team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and ethical professionals who are trained to interact with both, Bahraini and foreign clients with smooth efficiency. Whatever your budget and scope of requirement, NAJAT Properties has the experience to deliver up to your expectations in the commercial or residential properties in Bahrain.

Given the unique nature of every property, our policy is offer strategic, bespoke services to each individual customer. Based on our local insights, we are capable of providing a professional open market appraisal of current property value.

Needless to say, we offer a highly personalized service. Driven by a passion to help clients through every aspect of buying and selling, we have developed an expertise to anticipate potential problems and prepare well in advance to make the process of buying and selling or even leasing a property as stress free as possible.